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Touring Car Racing The History Of The BTCC 1958-2018

Touring Car Racing The History Of The BTCC 1958-2018 (BK5392)

This lavish book, a feast of nostalgia, celebrates the 60-year heritage of the British Touring Car Championship. M. James, hardback, 384pp, 28 x 23cm.


McLaren MP4/4 Owners Workshop Manual

McLaren MP4/4 Owners Workshop Manual (BK5388)

This manual tells for the first time the accurate story of the design, engineering and operation of one of F1 s most iconic cars. S. Rendle, hardback, 172pp, 27 x 21cm

Now £12.50 Was £25.00

Formula One Technical Analysis 2016-2018

Formula One Technical Analysis 2016-2018 (BK5385)



Official 2017 Moto GP Review

Official 2017 Moto GP Review (BK5372)


Now £14.00 Was £28.00

Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Owners Workshop Manual

Rolls-Royce Armoured Car Owners Workshop Manual (BK5330)


Now £10.00 Was £22.99

Damon Hill Watching The Wheels

Damon Hill Watching The Wheels (BK5303)


Now £10.00 Was £20.00

Sports Car Racing In Camera 1960-69 Volume Two

Sports Car Racing In Camera 1960-69 Volume Two (BK5288)


Now £20.00 Was £44.99

Guy Martin Worms To Catch

Guy Martin Worms To Catch (BK5284)


Now £10.00 Was £19.99

Fiat & Abarth 124 Spider & Coupe

Fiat & Abarth 124 Spider & Coupe (BK5272)


Now £15.00 Was £30.00

ERA The Autobiography Of R4D

ERA The Autobiography Of R4D (BK5267)


Now £30.00 Was £60.00

Dakar Rally Yearbook 2016

Dakar Rally Yearbook 2016 (BK5265)


Now £15.00 Was £34.99

Williams FW14B Owners Workshop Manual

Williams FW14B Owners Workshop Manual (BK5262)


Now £10.00 Was £22.99

My Porshe Book The 365 Icon

My Porshe Book The 365 Icon (BK5181)


Now £25.00 Was £55.99

Automobile Year 2014/2015

Automobile Year 2014/2015 (BK5158)


Now £25.00 Was £54.99

Autocourse 2014-2015 Annual

Autocourse 2014-2015 Annual (BK5100)


Now £25.00 Was £50.00

Unseen Mcqueen

Unseen Mcqueen (BK4277)


Now £10.00 Was £19.95

James Allen On F1 2013

James Allen On F1 2013 (BK5007S)

James Allen's eponymously named website is now recognised as one of the best Formula1 blogs in the business.

Now £5.00 Was £10.99

Senna. Through my eye

Senna. Through my eye (BK4063)

This is an insightful masterpiece that allows the observer to get a rare glimpse inside the life of the racing phenomenon that was Ayrton Senna.

Now £19.99 Was £39.99

Steve Mcqueen. William Claxton Photographs

Steve Mcqueen. William Claxton Photographs (BK3490)


Now £29.99 Was £59.99


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