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Ferrari (BK5305)

This lavishly illustrated and fully updated edition presents 65 of Ferrari's most iconic cars, and outlines the amazing evolution of the Ferrari brand, from the earliest sports cars to the most recent luxury vehicles. R. Schlegelmilch, hardback, 448pp, 28 x 24cm


Can-Am 50th Anniversary

Can-Am 50th Anniversary (BK5304)

Can-Am 50th Anniversary offers a heavily illustrated look back at what is arguably the greatest race series ever. G. Levy, hardback, 256pp, 31 x 26cm. Please note the release date of this book has been postponed to 2017.


Damon Hill Watching The Wheels

Damon Hill Watching The Wheels (BK5303)

Damon Hill’s new autobiography recounts what it was like growing up as the son of one of the world’s most famous racing drivers and traces Hill’s own successful Formula One career in the 1990s. D. Hill, hardback, 384pp, 24 x 16cm


The Official 2016 Goodwood Revival Review DVD

The Official 2016 Goodwood Revival Review DVD (DVD2016GR)

This official review of the world famous Goodwood Revival meeting captures all the excitement and drama of the sensational 2016 event. Running time: 275 mins. Please note the release date for this DVD has been postponed to January 2017.


Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2015-2016

Formula 1 Technical Analysis 2015-2016 (BK5302)

A hundred or so all-colour illustrations document the development of the various cars throughout the Formula 1 World Championship, and offer - as always - a wealth of information anticipating the 2016 season. G. Piola, softback, 128pp, 28 x 23cm


Porsche Victory 2016

Porsche Victory 2016 (BK5301)

This book documents the achievements of all the Porsche teams at Le Mans, from the presentation of the cars and the test day, scrutineering, free practice and qualifyings up to warm-up and the race. R. De Boer, hardback, 194pp, 32 x 24cm


Le Mans 2016 Yearbook

Le Mans 2016 Yearbook (BK5300)

Since 1978, the same editorial team has put together this definitive review of what is undoubtedly one of the world’s most spectacular motorsport events. J-M. Teissedre, hardback, 264pp, 32 x 24cm


Autocourse 2016-2017

Autocourse 2016-2017 (BK5299)

The world famous motorsport annual is regarded as the definitive account of the Formula 1 season. T. Dodgins, hardback, 336pp, 32 x 24cm


Factory-Original Ford RS Cosworths

Factory-Original Ford RS Cosworths (BK5298)

As you would aspect of this originality guide, all aspects of the Sierra RS Cosworth (and its turbocharged brethren) are covered. D. Williamson, hardback, 168pp, 25 x 25cm


Coachwork On Ferrari V12 Road Cars 1948-89

Coachwork On Ferrari V12 Road Cars 1948-89 (BK5297)

Of all the great cars to bear the Ferrari name, none are as much loved, as widely respected or as lusted after as the classic V12 road cars built between 1948 and 1989. J. Taylor, hardback, 160pp, 25 x 25cm


Works Cortina, Corsair & Capri In Detail

Works Cortina, Corsair & Capri In Detail (BK5296)

Following his outstandingly successful books Works Escorts in Detail and Works Triumphs in Detail, rally veteran and historian Graham Robson now tackles the story of Ford's emergence during the 1960s. G. Robson, hardback, 204pp, 25 x 25cm


The Complete Catalogue Of The Mini

The Complete Catalogue Of The Mini (BK5295)

Whether you want to look up or identify a particular Mini or simply absorb the enormous range and variety of the Mini's incarnations, this, never attempted before, is the book. C. Rees, hardback, 192pp, 27 x 21cm


Formula 1 Car By Car 1960-69

Formula 1 Car By Car 1960-69 (BK5292)

This book is the first in a what will be a multi-volume, decade-by-decade series covering the entire history of Formula One through its teams and cars. P. Higham, hardback, 300pp, 28 x 23cm


Formula 1 & Monza

Formula 1 & Monza (BK5291)

In this book, enthusiasts will find accounts, but above all the pictures covering the most significant moments in a long journey that began way back in 1949. E. Mapelli, hardback, 340pp, 31 x 29cm


Lotus 79 Owners Workshop Manual

Lotus 79 Owners Workshop Manual (BK5290)

The Lotus 79, with its classic JPS black and gold sponsorship colours, was the first F1 car to fully exploit the potential of ground-effect aerodynamics. A. Cotton, hardback, 160pp, 27 x 21cm


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