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Jaguar XJR-9 Owners Workshop Manual

Jaguar XJR-9 Owners Workshop Manual (BK5353)

The XJR-9 is one of the most evocative sports-racing cars of the 1980s, thanks to its success, instantly recognisable Silk Cut livery, and unforgettable V12 engine note. This Manual tells the complete design and engineering story of the XJR series of sports-racing cars, focusing on the XJR-9, and featuring extensive input from many of the engineers and drivers involved.  M. Cotton, hardback, 164pp, 27 x 21cm


Formule Junior Historique

Formule Junior Historique (BK5352)

Jean-Claude Guedenet presents and comments the photos of 82 models, produced by 62 different manufacturers during the 5 years of existence of the Formula. Thanks to the organizers who manage this category in the historic races throughout Europe, the cars have been carefully preserved in their original condition and configuration. J. Guedenet, softback, 204pp, 29 x 20cm


Guy Martin Portrait Of A Bike Legend

Guy Martin Portrait Of A Bike Legend (BK5351)

Guy Martin: Portrait of a Bike Legend celebrates the incredible racing career of this charismatic rider, an unlikely celebrity motivated not by wealth and fame but by his love of engineering, bikes and speed. Featuring never-before-published photographs and written by an experienced motorcycle journalist, this is illustrated biography to explores the life and career of this cult and much-loved racer. P. Wain, softback, 168pp, 26 x 19cm


Isle Of Man TT The Golden Years 1963-1982 Volume Three

Isle Of Man TT The Golden Years 1963-1982 Volume Three (BK5350)

In a remarkably long history dating back to 1907, the Isle of Man TT never lost its status as the world's greatest motorcycle road race. But over the decades, the TT has seen many changes and never more than in the period covered by this third volume in the Golden Years series. M. Duckworth, hardback, 96pp, 20 x 21cm


Lone Rider - The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World - Signed by Elspeth Beard

Lone Rider - The First British Woman to Motorcycle Around the World - Signed by Elspeth Beard (BK5354)

In 1982, at the age of just twenty-three, Elspeth Beard left behind her family and friends in London and set off on a 35,000-mile solo adventure around the world on her motorbike. This is the story of a unique and life-changing adventure. We are delighted to have had writer Elspeth Beard sign these copies for us. E. Beard, hardback. 320pp, 23x15cm


Kyalami A History Of The Original Circuit

Kyalami A History Of The Original Circuit (BK5349)

This book's 400 pages provide a definitive history of the original circuit, which drew up to 100 000 spectators in its hey day of SA Grands Prix, Nine Hour and Wynns 1000 endurance races and the like. A. Loubser, hardback, 410pp, 29 x 22cm


Mille Miglia Portraits

Mille Miglia Portraits (BK5348)

This book brings together a series of portraits in alphabetical order that make up the fragments of this historic sports and cultural mosaic that was the Mille Miglia, once again told by Leonardo Acerbi from his deep knowledge of the Brescia-based race. L. Acerbi, hardback, 320pp, 31 x 29cm


The First Mille Miglia 26-27 March 1927

The First Mille Miglia 26-27 March 1927 (BK5347)

Ninety years ago the first Mille Miglia was held on 26-27 March 1927, so here is a new book that enables the reader to pin down a story which is not exactly secret, but has remained unknown until now. After exhaustive research of the Mille Miglia Archives, previously unpublished yet invaluable documentation came to light with the historic information they provide. C. Dolcini, hardback, 162pp, 29 x 26cm


To Boldly Go

To Boldly Go (BK5346)

A fascinating journey through a century of 26 exceptional designs. Author Graham Hull, former designer of Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars, delves into the world of innovative vehicle design, and considers what makes some stand out from the crowd. G. Hull, hardback, 160pp, 23 x 16cm


Ferrari The Golden Years

Ferrari The Golden Years (BK5345)

To mark the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, this book does not wish to be a new story about the prestigious marque, but a tribute to the Prancing Horse and its golden years, when it was led by just one man: Enzo Ferrari. L. Acerbi, hardback, 360pp, 31 x 29cm


E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual

E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual (BK5344)

Over the years the E-type Jaguar has built a reputation among Jaguar enthusiasts and classic car collectors for being the ultimate classic to own. If you are lucky enough to own one and are planning to undertake the restoration work by yourself, this manual will take you through the full nut-and-bolt restoration of a very early example. D. Barzilay, hardback, 222pp, 30 x 21cm


Cosworth: The Search For Power (Sixth Edition)

Cosworth: The Search For Power (Sixth Edition) (BK5343)

In this book the Cosworth story has been brought up-to-the-minute to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the legendary DFV F1 engine. G. Robson, hardback, 256pp, 25 x 25cm


Stars And Cars Mythical Pairings

Stars And Cars Mythical Pairings (BK5342)

Steve McQueen. A Ford Mustang. And San Francisco. The ten-minute pursuit in Bullitt has remained the definitive movie car chase for nearly fifty years. Iconic moments from cinematic history do not get much better than this. Stars and Cars is a celebration of the most unforgettable automotive moments in film, TV, and popular culture. J. Braunstein, hardback, 224pp, 30 x 23cm


A Life In Car Design - Jaguar, Lotus, TVR

A Life In Car Design - Jaguar, Lotus, TVR (BK5341)

A Life in Car Design gives a unique insight into design and project work for a number of leading companies in the motor industry, including Jaguar, Lotus, TVR and General Motors. It shows how the change from imperial to metric measurements and the growing use of computers revolutionised the quality and accuracy of modern vehicles. O. Winterbottom, hardback, 176pp, 25 x 21cm


Barry Sheene The Official Photographic Celebration

Barry Sheene The Official Photographic Celebration (BK5340)

Barry Sheene is arguably the greatest British motorcycle racing rider of all time. A chancer, lovable rogue and the leading sports star of his era, adored by the public and press alike, he won two world motorcycle championships in 1976 and 1977. R. Broadbent, hardback, 224pp, 26 x 26cm


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